Towing Tips

towing tips for travel trailers

Towing Guidelines and Tips

  • It is the responsibility of the lessee to determine if their vehicle is suitable to tow a trailer. The dry weights are posted for each of our trailers and the towing capacity of most vehicles can be determined by visiting the Trailer Life website at Trailerlife – Towing Guides . For specific information about your vehicle, you should contact the dealer you purchased the vehicle from, or the manufacturer.
  • A 2”x2” Hitch Receiver is required. We will adjust the hitch when you pick up your trailer so it is level with the tow vehicle. Please allow for 60-90 minutes for setting up the hitch and an orientation when you pick up your trailer from us.
  • A 7 pole RV Receptacle is required to run the trailer lights. We do not install hitches or trailer wiring, and are unable to troubleshoot any electrical problems. Please ensure you have the proper hitch and wiring capabilities before you come to pick up your trailer. If you’d like to come by a few days before your scheduled rental to check these items, please call us and we will arrange a time where we can meet you and test your vehicle and wiring accordingly.
  • Adequate mirrors for towing are required. If your vehicle does not have the proper mirrors, we will rent you a set for $50.00 for the term of your rental.
  • The lessee is responsible for compliance with all laws relating to the towing of the vehicle. Please ensure you are well acquainted with your obligations accordingly. Platinum RV Rentals is not responsible for any damage to the towing vehicle, no matter how caused. There is no adjustment or credit if your tow vehicle is not capable or suitable to tow our trailers.
  • If you do not have a tow vehicle, or would rather have a trailer delivered, set up, and picked up from the campsite of your choice, please call us for rates and further information.

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